Your Partner For A More Sustainable Business

Providing Diagnostics for More Efficient Energy Use


Your Partner for A More Sustainable Business

Providing Diagnostics for More Efficient Energy Use

Enabling Companies To Have A More Positive Environmental Impact

Sustainable Energy Associates, LLC is a mechanical engineering company specializing in energy diagnostics for large organizations. We provide highly focused services that will enhance your business’s energy efficiency and sustainability.

Engineering for a Changing World

Climate change is real, we want to help organizations adapt to more eco‑friendly and energy‑efficient daily operations. Our firm offers consulting and measurement work that gives our clients options to become more sustainable.

Whether it's renewable energy or carbon offsets, we’ll help you implement those options through land services, equity funding, and various engineering activities.

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179D and Investment Tax Credit Certification

The Inflation Reduction Act changed multiple energy deductions and credits. We provide a range of engineering services for national accounting firms. We help clients with 179D energy efficiency deductions, Section 48 credits, R&D credits, and carbon offsets.

About Us

We are a private firm with decades of combined engineering, business, and management experience. Our company has developed more than $100 million worth of energy efficiency projects across California, Texas, and New York.

Our firm attended the 2015 UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris, where we met with other climate experts to find solutions to the ongoing environmental crisis.

Sustainable Energy Associates, LLC is expanding to private equity services as a means to promote ideas that can make a difference in the fight against climate change.

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Get Connected

Contact our firm today if you’re interested in making your organization more eco-friendly and energy efficient. You can get in touch with us by calling (925) 989-7117 or emailing [email protected].